Warehouse Security Measures

Warehouse theft is a serious and persistent problem all around the world.
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According to Introduction to Private Security by John S. Dempsey, cargo and warehouse theft in the United States result in an estimated loss of around $30 billion annually. The exact numbers are likely much higher, considering the number of incidents that go unreported. There’s no denying that the statistics are truly alarming.

It is critical to consider all possible measures to enhance security at your warehouse, safeguard your goods and provide a safe working environment to your employees.

To ensure you are exploring all options, we have put together this checklist for easy reference.

Security cameras provide the first line of defense with live feeds and real time notifications to actively monitor your warehouse. Security Cameras are no longer just for viewing yesterday’s activity. A broad range of analytics and instant alarm notifications can make these cameras your eyes on your assets. They are also perfect for keeping a record of all warehouse activities with video footage. Given these reasons, cameras are absolutely necessary throughout the warehouse premises.

There are multiple kinds of security cameras and options available. We recommend smart security camera systems that include video storage either on premises or in the cloud, a variety of camera options including panoramic, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, or Varifocal as well as analytics/alerts for such things as line crossing, loitering, and heat mapping as well as other sophisticated features to ensure maximum security.

Alarm systems are another must-have when it comes to warehouse security. These systems generally comprise various sensors like door sensors, window sensors, smoke detectors, glass-break detectors, and motion sensors to pick on any unusual activity in the secured areas.

When the system is tipped, you will immediately be informed via your predetermined preference (cell, app, landline, email or any combination of these). The system also sends a signal to the Monitoring Center, where security providers act on the actions you prescribed. In case of a false alarm, you have plenty of time to switch off the signal. Alarm systems with monitoring features provide one of the best solutions for 24/7 security without interruption. So, even if the warehouse is left unattended, you can rest assured that it is safe and secure.

With an access control system, you can control who enters or leaves the secured premises and when. It ensures building security by allowing control over all building access points. These systems are far more convenient than a traditional lock-and-key method which can easily be compromised. Access control systems can grant access with a token (card or key fob), PIN, biometrics, or a combination of these for multi-factor authentication. This is a kind of access control that can ensure maximum security.

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